Founded in 2008, Cavalleria Toscana’s ambition was to create a product that could make sportswear look elegant. This desire guided the company through the years, permitting it to grow and establish itself as the most elegant brand within the equestrian apparel market. After ten years of business, the company continues to gain more understanding and expertise in refining the product from a technical point of view, supporting rider’s performance each step of the way.

This result has allowed them to achieve more than 300 shops around the world and to be represented by riders of interest such as Lorenzo De Luca, Scott Brash, Marcus Ehning, Rolf-Göran Bengtsson, Patrik Kittel, Cathrine Dufour and Steffen Peters among others.



Since the beginning, the objective of the company has been clear: to create sportswear that could truly provide the rider with the most performant gear and at the same time keep them looking elegant.

In pursuing this path, their mastery has been expressed through the capability of mixing together different materials, both technical and stylish, creating pieces that can help the athlete focus on their performance rather than on what they’re wearing.

Each design developed has helped revolutionize the way people live this sport.

In fact, the first item that really made a difference was the riding jacket with an incorporated back protector, which could prevent injuries caused by a fall.

Followed by the PADN22 breeches, where technical jersey provides comfort, breathability, and elegance to riders.

These two were just the tip of the iceberg.
With the company growing and continuously offering innovative products, Cavalleria Toscana felt the necessity to express itself in new ways.

Cavalleria Toscana REVOLUTION was born.

In this capsule collection, they bring together the most original pieces, developing each product by carefully studying the athlete in action.

The process begins from the development of the first prototype, that, after being realized, is tested by selected riders, securing their capability to perform before being released on the market.

This type of study has previously led the style department to develop the Compression breeches which help to reduce muscle fatigue by effecting a decreasing massage on the calf, as well as, the REVOLUTION jacket, the most performing riding jacket on the market which stretches and moves as one with the rider.