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LEARN from one another.

LISTEN to each other.

“Listen to each other and trust each other is essential in a team. Believe in the same goal and look in the same direction to reach it in the smallest amount of time.”

“Riders need to create a good connection with their horse in order to reach their dreams, their objectives.”

“The team is really important to me… that’s everything! I wouldn’t be able to do what I do without them with me.”

“We have to be one, connected in every second. That’s so important!”

“The team is made of different people. We can learn from each one, teach each other and share a lot together. So, there are many values in a team that are crucial to the success of any project.”

“For Equestrians, the team is everything! The horse is like a family member to me, like an elder brother or a younger sister.”

“This is a sport in which you put yourself out there every day. We have to work hard because when we reach a goal, that’s not the destination but only the beginning.”

TRUST one another.