Claimed first in a Fashion Show where real athletes walked the catwalk together, united from the unique message of living in the moment, the new philosophy of QUI E ORA emerges to support one of the organization which took part in the project:

Cavalleria Toscana sent the invitation of living in the moment through, loud and clear.

Today it means start supporting today this organization that helps para-dressage riders to live their sport at a high level. In order to raise money in favour of this wonderful team, the company decided to offer a very special product,never seen before:

the #CTWatch

Made in collaboration with the company U-BOAT – Italo Fontana,the CTWatch will see a very exclusive and limited edition of products, on delivery in the next six months.

The first Watch (serial number 0) is going to be sold for charity through an auction held by Equinia and all proceeds donated.