RESEARCH: the systematic investigation into and study of materials and sources in order to establish facts and reach new conclusions.

You have to know your athlete in order to provide him with the right support to succeed during his performance.

This is a belief that has oriented Cavalleria Toscana into a new vision of the company.
We committed to seeing our sport differently, through a modern vision.
Riders are athletes, their horses are athletes.
Understanding this generates an EVOLUTION. The real REVOLUTION for us.

Through rider’s analysis, we could understand what’s happening to the athlete before, in the meanwhile and after his performance, what happens to him on a physiologic, cardiac and metabolic level, which are his parameters and the dynamics that help him improve.

The analysis’ project was up to obtain enough data to identify scientifically the typical profile of the rider. The work aimed to understand the rider without the horse and how his athletic status is in comparison with his performance in the binomial Athlete-Horse.

This process, in constant evolution, let us create modern products, which characteristics offer necessarily a difference when in the arena.
Our products come out from here. This is our research.

This is the new luxury.

This is CTLAB.


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Cathrine Dufour

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